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Brutarian (sometimes Brutarian Quarterly) was an odd kind of mixed-and-changing punk-goth-film-literary magazine that ran for around 55 issues from 1991 through about 2010.  Besides the music and film coverage, there were occasional interviews with fantasy, science-fiction and horror writers, plus fiction as well. 

I first looked at Brutarian because it published some new stories by my friend Terry Wright (byline T.M. Wright), who passed away on Halloween morning 2015 at the age of 68. I know of three stories,* "The People on the Island" in no. 42 (2005), which is reprinted in the massive Ann and Jeff VanderMeer anthology The Weird (2011).  Issue 47 & 48 (Summer 2006) has "The Lightwater Hawkins Story", as well as a  story "Husks and Formless Ruins" by Tom Piccirilli for which Terry did an illustration. 

Illustration by T.M. Wright
After Terry died I learned of one I'd previously missed, a long story "The Puzzle Man" (pp. 63-79) in issue no. 50 (Fall 2007). It's in Wright's later fragmented and surreal style, as found in his five final novellas, from The Eyes of the Carp (2004) through Sally Pinup (2010).  I read it as a memorial.  A fine tale. 

Uncredited illustration, possibly by T.M. Wright

*If any reader knows of more than the three cited T.M. Wright stories in Brutarian, please let me know of them.

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