Sunday, February 28, 2016

All the Wonders We Seek: Some Bibliographical Notes

Félix Martí-Ibáñez's collection All the Wonders We Seek: Thirteen Tales of Surprise and Prodigy was published by Clarkson N. Potter in November 1963.  It includes two stories published in the last years of the initial run of Weird Tales ("Between Two Dreams" May 1953; and "A Tomb at Malacor" in the final issue, September 1954).  The collection itself is excellent, and like many fantasy collections, best savored a few stories at a time rather than devoured in one sitting. 

For years I've had two copies, one on much thicker paper than the other, but otherwise identical, save for the the fact that on the upper front flap of the dust-wrapper of the thinner book, there is a statement denoting it is the second printing, a fact that is not indicated on the copyright page, where no statement of printing is present, as with the thicker version.
Second printing at right
The front flaps
What is less-known is that in 1964 Martí-Ibáñez published an large format edition in his native Spanish, with illustrations by Teodoro Miciano. Retitled Los Buscadores des Sueños: Trece cuentos de maravilla and prodigio  [The Seekers of Dreams: Thirteen Tales of Wonder and Prodigy], it stands tall next to its English counterparts. 

Martí-Ibáñez published another collection of his short stories in English in 1965, Waltz and Other Stories, but here the magic is mostly absent, and this volume is a complete and disappointing contrast to the earlier collection. 

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