Friday, July 27, 2018

David Lindsay: Familiar Bindings

Mark Valentine recently wrote at Wormwoodiana (direct URL here) about Mary Tyrwhitt Drake's novel Outgoing Tides, published by John Long in May 1924.  What struck me first is that the binding of the book is the same design, and same color of cloth, as that used on David Lindsay's novel Sphinx, published by John Long in December 1923.  Here are some scans of the binding of Sphinx:


Front cover

 Here is the (soiled) binding case of Outgoing Tides:

And here's another one, for H.M. Egbert's [Victor Rousseau's] Draught of Eternity (John Long, January 1924):

I wonder whether there are other John Long publications from 1923-24 that have the same binding?


  1. One of the Lindsay books I have yet to read, I imagine it is as unique as his other novels.

  2. Doug, I did an advance search at Lloyd Currey's website for John Long titles published between 1920 and 1930. A half dozen titles came up, with three differing from the ones you discuss: All were by Egbert. While the format and type font look the same as the John Long titles with green bindings, here the book cloth is either orange, red or blue. --md