Monday, March 18, 2019

Sime in 1910

A nice photograph (by E.O. Hoppé) of S.H. Sime appeared in The Sketch for 28 December 1910. The demonic face, with lighted eyes, peering down at Sime is a nice touch, but what is Sime holding in his hands?  It looks perhaps like a figurine of a couple embracing, but I'm not sure.  Any thoughts? 

A close-up of Sime's hands


  1. Could it be a picture of someone hunched over or peering at a book or a piece of drawing paper? I can't imagine why Sime would be holding an embracing couple, but it's really too fuzzy to make any definite idenfication. E. O. Hoppe always did nice work.--md

  2. Your guess is as good as mine. It seems to me like I see two sets of arms. I don't know if seeing a better reproduction of the photo would help or not, but as you say, Hoppe's work is usually excellent.